The building continued its life as the First Baptist Church of Burton until the 1980s when a new church structure was built on the site.  The church was then donated to the Burton Heritage Society and its new life would begin with a journey a few miles down the road.  Have any ideas where?

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Yep.  You guessed it (most likely).  The building was moved just outside of Burton to a lovely hill overlooking the Mt. Zion Cemetery and given a new name, Mt. Zion Historical Chapel.  



As of today, Mt. Zion Historical Chapel is the oldest remaining church structure left in the Burton area.  This important historic resource coupled with its location in the Mt. Zion Cemetery (a State Historic Cemetery which is the final resting spot for many of the community's earliest and most prominent settlers such as local Texas Ranger Leander McNelly) makes the entire site a vital piece of history for the community and the state.  In 2017, the Burton Heritage Society has completed the first phase of restoration and is actively raising funds to KEEP IT GOIN'!